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Pitch Bookings - DCC UPDATES

02/09/21 | League Sec

Pitch Allocation/Booking - DCC update

When fixtures are listed, the match sec allocates a pitch alongside the fixture. 

These pitches are then to be booked and paid for via local councils. (obviously any team/club who have own pitch use maintain and sort own grounds)

A team cannot just simply turn up and use a lined pitch, as it maybe booked for another team.

There have been more than one case of a team 'just turning up' with the pitch allocated not lined. THIS IS THE HOME TEAMS responsibility to make sure pitch is in a usable state.

If a pitch inspection is needed by a ref - 

27.6   Should a ground be considered unplayable the referee shall, after inspection of same, receive a fee of £5.00 which shall be shared equally by each club, and paid by the home club, who shall be responsible for collecting the visiting club's share.

Please also be aware of the following - 

27.5   Where the referee attends and the fixture does not take place for any reason except as per 27.6 the home club shall pay the referee's fee which shall be recoverable from the defaulting club. If the referee does not attend no fee will be payable.


We are receiving reports of rubbish being left after matches at pitches right across the City.

Can I please have you remind all the coaches/managers of their responsibility to pick up the litter after their match.

All clubs/associations are required to adhere to Dundee City Council Sports Litter Prevention Protocol as well has comply with Point 9 - Litter, in the Conditions of Hire for football pitches document you have all seen.  Point 9 states -

All clubs / associations booking Dundee City Council pitches are required to sign up to the Dundee City Council Sports Litter Prevention Protocol.  Not adhering to this protocol may result in bookings being withdrawn. 

Teams are responsible for the litter generated by their players and officials. 

Teams are responsible for collecting any litter left on or adjacent to pitches after their match. 

The litter protocol should be regularly reinforced by coaches and managers to their teams. 

The council may cancel use by individual teams or associations found to have littered excessively. 

Failure to adhere to the above may result in bookings being cancelled.


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